Joe Dorman

Guest Contributor

A committed public servant for almost 20 years, Rep. Joe Dorman has dedicated his career to making life better for all Oklahomans. His love for service began at an early age with the lessons of his parents, Bill and Jan Dorman. Their example led him to know without a doubt that serving others is the highest calling.

Joe began his service to the State of Oklahoma as a mail clerk, then working his way up to an executive staff member at the Oklahoma House of Representatives. Since 2003, Joe served as the State Representative for his friends and neighbors in Rush Springs and Grady, Caddo, Comanche, Cotton and Stephens counties.

While in the legislature, Rep. Dorman has been known as a common sense legislator willing to work across party lines to help his fellow Oklahomans. In fact, those efforts earned him praise from an editorial in the The Oklahoman acknowledging, “Dorman has repeatedly demonstrated why he’s among the best and brightest, not just in his own political party but among all lawmakers.”

This unique ability to lead by example, to find workable solutions for the hard-working people of Oklahoma established him as a true public servant. Whether it’s fighting for education, sound fiscal policy, worker’s rights, better treatment of our seniors or the safety of our schoolchildren, Joe has time and again demonstrated a devotion to service. He is proud to place the needs of all Oklahomans over politics.

A proud Oklahoman, Joe remains close to his roots and the community that formed his strong love for this great state. A graduate of Rush Springs High School, Joe earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Oklahoma State University in 1994.

Joe currently is a guest contributor for the State Crier with his weekly column “For the Children.” Joe also serves as CEO of Institute Child Advocacy, a Oklahoma Non-Profit group focusing on Child Advocacy. 

Politically, Joe serves as a City Counselor for his hometown of Rush Springs, Oklahoma.

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